Based on Tokyo Roki’ corporate policy of “Clean and Saving”,
we are producing and developing in various genuine parts products
such as Filters, Plastic Intake Manifolds, and Oil Coolers for automobile.

High Reliability of Unique
Products Development

In Tokyo Roki’s domestic and overseas plant, we have introduced the latest
technologies like robots in the production facility, allowing for significant cost
reductions as well as a flexible production system that can cope with various
kinds of small volumes productions.

Continue to new challenge with gathering
wisdom and passion.

To respond to the diversifying needs in our car society, Tokyo Roki is performing
its own research, development, and testing with the theme, “Pollution-reduction &
Energy-saving for the protection of our future living environment.”
Tokyo Roki’s achievement can be seen as our newly developed products and
each of our genuine parts, which have earned deep trust from our customers.