Oil Coolers

Stainless-steel coolers Aluminum coolers
Cooler modules

Tokyo Roki has developed the first mass-produced stainless oil cooler for trucks. We are developing the same technology for passenger cars as well. Using our original construction, we are also developing the world’s smallest class of built-on type oil coolers. By always advancing our technologies, we consistently offer high-performance, high-quality and extremely versatile products.

Small oil coolers

We develop small oil coolers to meet the demands of small diesel engines, generator engines, transmissions, hybrids, and various other non-engine uses.
【Stainless-steel coolers】

Our build-on designs also include modules that integrate coolers with oil filters. They are also used as oil warmers. Their key feature is their margin-less structure whereby the entire body is used for heat exchange.
【Aluminum coolers】

Aluminum coolers are lighter than stainless-steel parts, and therefore better serve the needs for weight reduction. We have newly developed a build-on design that achieves high heat-exchange performance.

Medium and large oil coolers

These are oil coolers for medium and large diesel engines.
【Build-on type】

With a newly developed multi-layer structure, they realize superior heat-exchange performance per plate.
The build-on cooler’s merits include total cost reduction for the lubrication system. Their performance can be adjusted to fit any engine variation by adding or subtracting plates or fins, which is much easier compared with built-in coolers.
【Build-in type】

This structure is highly reliable because it is built inside the engine block.
The product series offers a wide selection to suit engine sizes from small to heavy-duty. A broad range of internal fins is also available to ensure customers can select the right one to deliver optimal performance.

Oil filter/oil cooler modules for diesel engines

These standard components realize price reduction for their simple structures.