EGR Coolers

By using nickel vacuum brazing, the durability of our EGR coolers can be relied on.
The newly developed Finless Wavy Plate®, which increases turbulent gas flow, reduces the Deterioration caused by soot deposition.
This leads to higher heat exchange performance within a given space.

EGR Cooler for Diesel Engine

Finless Wavy Plate®

  1. By phasing out the inner fin, we achieve 20% cost reduction compared with our past product.
  2. By molding the gas passage in a spiral shape, we can direct gas flow in a swirling current, giving the product a self-cleaning action that achieves higher heat exchange performance and reduces soot deposition.
EGR Cooler for Gasoline Engine
Small EGR Coolers

  1. By adopting a newly developed high density fin, we achieve 20% improvement in performance compared with out past product.
  2. By custom designing the product to suit the installation space, we realize space saving.