Diesel Catalysts Gasoline Catalysts

Tokyo Roki adopts production processes and technologies best suited for the structure. These include clamshell welding, and spinning and shrinking processes. With nearly 40 years of heat-resistant steel welding technology our catalysts are very reliable and their proven market performance speaks for itself. Our use of structural analysis (FEM) and computational fluid dynamics analysis (CFD) ensures our catalysts are optimally designed for the structure.

Catalysts for gasoline engines

Our three-way catalysts, which purge carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and NOx from exhaust gas simultaneously, comply with the world’s strictest regulations while containing only very small amounts of precious metal.

Catalysts for diesel engines

Since 1993, our catalysts, which comply with the diesel emission gas regulations of Japan, Europe, and North America, are being used for diesel engines from diesel passenger cars to light, medium and heavy duty trucks.

Three-way catalysts Three-way catalysts clean exhaust gas by causing oxidation reduction of CO (carbon monoxide), HC (hydrocarbons) and NOx (oxides of nitrogen).
Oxidation catalysts Oxidation catalysts use precious metals to purify the exhaust gas of gasoline and diesel engines, removing such chemicals as CO, HC and particulate matter(PM).
The low cost oxidation catalysts in particular, capable of PM purification with very low amounts of precious metals without using DPFs, have been applied widely in trucks and buses meeting Euro IV and V regulations and in Non-road engines meeting Tier IV and Stage III B regulations, and they also comply with Non-road regulations (GB IV, BS IV) that will be introduced in China and India.
DPF catalysts DPF filters oxidize particulate matter content of diesel exhaust gas and combustion is cleaned. They have excellent anti-toxicity properties and heat resistance.
SCR catalysts SCR catalysts purge NOx from diesel exhaust gas by using a reducing compound. Tokyo Roki was first to introduce the SCR catalyst for a mass production vehicle.