Our R&D Section continues to challenge itself every day
to make the impossible possible, for the future of our planet.

Including its development department at its headquarters, Tokyo Roki has five research and development facilities including Sagami Research Facility No.1, Sagami Research Facility No.2, Sagami Research Facility No.3, Kusatsu Research Facility, and Hiroshima Research Facility. To accommodate the diversified needs of automobile companies we conduct our own research, development, and testing for pollution reduction and energy conservation to protect our living environment for the future. And the fruits of these facilities, both newly developed products and various types of OEM parts, have earned us the profound confidence of our customers. In the near future we hope to launch development of such products as purification devices to be used with diesel engines to remove soot as a countermeasure for harmful substances emitted from diesel vehicles. Using the most modern equipment, development time for products has been reduced. For Tokyo Roki the word “impossible” signals a theme for something to be accomplished, and becomes a new challenge for a brighter future.