Our production lines utilize the state-of-the-art technology to make low-cost, high-performance products.

Tokyo Roki has six plants in Japan (in Sagami, Kusatsu, Hiroshima and Otsuki) and four overseas (in China, Thailand, and Mexico).

Production lines in our plants in Japan and overseas incorporate robots and the latest technologies. These help realize significant cost reductions, and are flexible enabling the handle of small volumes, and mass manufacturing to meet the demands of diversification.
Our Sagami Plant No. 1 has integrated manufacturing for processes ranging from support treatment to canning on catalytic converters. The plant is structured to make high cell density/thin film high performance catalysts without compromising functionality production while also enabling flexible mass production.
We ensure high efficiency and quality control at all of our plants. And this makes it possible for us to manufacture high function products to meet customer needs.