Environment / Sustainability

Environment / Sustainability

Environmental concept

Considering the 21st century as the “Environmental Century”, we global citizens take it on as our mission that we preserve the environment and continue to address the issue of environmental protection on a global scale. Since the founding of our company, we have contributed to environmental preservation by developing, manufacture, and supplying environmentally-friendly products under our company philosophy “Clean & Saving.” In diligent pursuit of our goals, we will continue to make efforts to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by actively contributing to environmental conservation and to the realization of sustainable society, while keeping balance in the economic, environmental, and social aspects of our business activities.

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Environmental policy
  1. Offer environmentally-sound products and develop them based upon our company’s philosophy.
  2. Commit to environmental protection and pollution prevention in compliance with environmental regulations related to our company activities, products, and services.
  3. Implement an environmental management system for continual improvement of our environmental performance by going through the PDCA cycle.
  4. Our goals and targets for environmental preservation are as follows
  5. Actively promote energy conservation and CO2 emission reduction to prevent global warming.
  6. Ensure waste reduction and effective utilization of resources through the adoption of the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle).
  7. Save natural resources by minimizing consumption of office supplies such as paper and any materials used for operations management.
  8. Provide innovative environmentally-friendly products.
Developing products that are gentle to the planet

We are developing products with consideration for the earth’s environment. Such products include intake manifolds made of plastic for lighter weight and lower-cost which have superior characteristics for energy conservation, recycling, and disposal. Another example is our Eco oil filters which can be collected by category, or exchanged for incineration.

Promoting the proliferation of diesel engine vehicles that contribute to the prevention of global warming

In recent years there has been a heightened awareness of the need to prevent global warming and protect the atmospheric environment, and regulations have been tightened controlling exhaust gases. In comparison with gasoline engines, diesel engines have higher fuel efficiency (approximately 20 to 30 percent), have low CO2 emissions, and represent a power source that would be beneficial in the reduction of global warming.
However, they pose a problem for exhaust gas regulations in such areas as PM (particulate matter) and NOx (Oxidation of nitrogen). As a countermeasure, catalysts of various types for post processing of exhaust gases have been developed and are being introduced to the marketplace. At Tokyo Roki we have developed the first carbamide SRC system. We have succeeded in mass producing this and began installation on trucks and buses from November 2004.
Additionally, we have developed a DPF catalyst which is a PM compulsory regeneration system for commercial vehicles, and began installation of this on trucks and buses from November 2003. We are working hard to develop such post process catalytic systems which can simultaneously reduce PM and NOx. As a future measure, we are proceeding with research into further improved PM and NOx simultaneous purification systems using various catalyst-element technology thet we have acquired.